OTP Association

Founded by Marina Valli in 2013, Officine Talenti Preziosi (OTP) is active on the Roman territory, aimed at promoting and disseminating the culture of jewellery and fashion accessories, by means of training, research and collaborations with designers, craftsmen and operators in the sector.

Marina Valli, OTP founder.


Marina is the daughter of Giovanni Valli, designer for Bvlgari from 1940 to 1990. She teaches in Rome at the Academy of Costume and fashion.

Bozzetti storici, Design Giovanni Valli.


Officine Talenti Preziosi organizes basic and advanced jewellery design courses, wax technique courses, plastic processing courses in Bijou, CAD Jewel design courses, Gemmology and History of Jewelry seminars , advanced Workshops for Professionals. High professionalism and excellence of the teachers distinguish our courses.



The Association of Precious Talent Workshops presents the book “How to illustrate a jewel with coloured pencils”, curated by Ludovica Ricciardi and Marina Valli, which illustrates the coloring technique for jewelry, using colored pencils.

The book-cards is aimed at all the people who want to learn the various passages that lead to the graphic representation of a jewel, from gemstones to metal.

Come illustrare un gioiello a matite colorate
Rome, 2014 (copyright OTP)