Bijou & Gioielli … KM 0… KILOMETRO ITALY (2018)

29 June 2018 | H 11:00 | SALOTTO 42 | PIAZZA DI PIETRA, ROMe


In the wonderful context of Piazza di Pietra, the historical reality of the design and the handicraft production in the territory will be valorized thanks to the exhibition “Bijou & Gioielli … KM 0 … KILOMETROITALY” organized by Officine di Talenti Preziosi (OTP).




The Bijoux created for the event carry the official seal (DOC) that exalts the origins of MADE IN ITALY. Passion, style and uniqueness for jewels created with noble materials, such as silver and bronze, in combination with enamels, marbles and precious gemstones, professionally designed, with a strong care for innovation.


Jewels and bijoux will be displayed at Salotto 42, the historical bookbar located in Piazza di Pietra, facing of the stately Temple of Adriano, ideal location to perceive the identity and the value of the initiative, in one of the most beautiful plazas of the historical center of Rome. Our aim is to rediscover the past but also to draw the future, departing from the KM.0 situated in the Foro Romano, namely the point of departure of all the consular roads that open radially towards the world. Future assumes the awareness of such roots and the exploitation of the cultural and artistic patrimony of Rome. Future has never been so present.


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